Corporate Lesson

Have you thought about the benefits of learning Italian for your business?

Are you a multinational company? Do you have clients based in Italy? If so, you can benefit from learning Italian for professionals and corporate relations. Through our lessons you will be able to:

  • Better understand your company or clients if they are Italian or have an Italian background
  • Better understand of Italian business culture
  • Learn social norms to be successful with Italian business professionals
  • Increase productivity by motivating your staff and creating a cross-cultural understanding between your company and Italian clients/employees
  • Achieve team building with group classes
  • Reward your staff with classes as a bonus
  • Offer a fun day at the office with our Italian special events

Students will learn the basic vocabulary and expressions that are most often used in Italian business culture. After identifying the basic technical vocabulary and expressions your company uses, lessons will be specifically designed to help the students achieve targeted goals through exercises and discussions.